2019 Christmas Countdown

Christmas seems to have come around far too quickly this year, don’t leave everything to the last minute and miss out on your favourite Christmas meats.

The cut-off point for guaranteed delivery before Christmas is by 9am on Tuesday 17th December. Any orders placed after this time will be treated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Order today to be at the front of the queue for guaranteed delivery.

Christmas Delivery Details

Dry Aged Cheshire Beef

Grass fed in Cheshire, and Dry Aged for a minimum of 28 days in our cold store for the most incredible beefy flavour. Order your Rib of Beef with the bone in for the ultimate Christmas centre-piece (see above).

Our Beef is fully traceable, premium quality, British and competitively priced.

Beef FilletRolled SirloinBeef Topside95%VL Beef Mince

Choose the size that suits your Christmas Dinner requirements:


Free Range Poultry

It has been all-but-proven that Free range Turkeys and Geese provide a fuller and tastier flavour, our Shropshire reared birds are bred specifically for Christmas, with your eating pleasure in mind. They are carefully selected from slow growing strains, allowed to grow to maturity developing a fully and ‘good old fashioned’ flavour and texture.

The Turkeys and Geese, although seperated, venture out onto grass paddocks to roam freely during the day, for protection reasons they are brought in at night and bedded down daily on fresh straw.

Choose the size of TurkeyTurkey CrownDuck or Goose that suits your Christmas Dinner requirements, from 2 up to 20 people.


More selection than ever before

This year we have more to choose from than any previous year, with more than 18 lines and a multitute of different Christmas Dinner options.

Visit the website now and take your pick!


Any Questions?

It’s good to make sure you are as prepared as possible for Christmas.

Feel free to call our friendly and helpful staff on 01270 524750 if you have any questions about your order, or simply need advice on the size of your Christmas Turkey or Beef Joint.

Alternatively email us: farmshop@chestnutmeats.co.uk