Be prepared for Valentine’s Day

You have planned a romantic night in… but what are you actually cooking… is it really that special?

Recipe Inspiration

Veal Mince

Our recipe suggestion for this lean and flavoursome Veal mince is a Heart-shaped Lasagna.

Blow your partner away – it’s much simpler than it looks! 

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Goat Leg Diced

Our Famous Jamaican Curried Goat is a show stopper whenever it is served. Valentine’s Day is just a good excuse to indulge with a favourite! 

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Beef Fillet Steaks

Nothing says romance quite like a candle-lit dinner with an expensive bottle of wine and the most tender and succulent beef fillet steaks.
Served with Red Wine-Chocolate Bordelaise, Green Beans, Sour Cream and Chive Mash 

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