FLASH SALE: Value Goat Diced ON bone

Cheaper parts of any meat, such as NeckLoinShank and Ribs are often the most flavoursome cuts available. Overlooked by consumers as “too cheap”, you’ve really got to give them a go before you dismiss them!

For this weekend only we have a flash sale on some awesome Value Goat cuts, reduced from £8.50 per Kg to only £7.00 per Kg. Grab a tasty bargain this weekend. Limited stocks available.


Michelin Star Ribs

Before COVID-19 lockdown, our Goat Ribs were a regular feature on the menu at a highly esteemed Michelin Starred restaurant in London.

Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

Cheap and cheerful, but full of flavour – our locally sourced, meaty Chicken Drumsticks are perfect to keep the kids quiet while they are all at home!


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