Less than 6 weeks ’til Xmas!

Christmas Poultry

Christmas is a time of family, happiness and tradition. In these difficult times we need to show solidarity and stick with what we do best in Great Britain, cooking a bloomin’ huge Turkey and spending the next 2 weeks eating it until we eventually get called back in to work again a few pounds heavier… oops!

Let’s get it right this year – follow our handy guide below on Christmas Poultry sizing, especially if you are catering for different numbers from previous years:

Free Range Bronze Turkey - Deposit
Free Range Bronze Turkey – Deposit
Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown - Deposit
Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown – Deposit
Free Range Goose - Deposit
Free Range Goose – Deposit
Christmas Barbary Duck - Deposit
Christmas Barbary Duck – Deposit
Want to make a big statement this Christmas? Or maybe you are catering for fewer than a Turkey provides for… consider a succulent centre-piece Rib of Beef.

  • “1 Rib” serves: 2 to 4 people
  • “2 Rib” serves: 4 – 8 people
  • “3 Rib” serves: 8 – 12 people
  • “4 Rib” serves: 12 – 16 people
  • Christmas Special “5 Rib” serves: 16 – 20 people

Buffet Favourites

No Christmas Buffet is complete without heaps of hand made Pigs in Blankets.

They don’t come any tastier than award winning Pork Chipolatas, wrapped in award winning Dry Cured Bacon.

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Award Winning Products

Pork Sausages placed as Runners Up in the National Sausages Week awards.

Dry Cured Bacon was finalist in the National Meat Management awards.