Lean & Flavoursome – Male Goat Diced ON the bone.

Adult Male Goat Meat is the very best Goat product that we have to offer. Incredibly lean and full of flavour, it melts in your mouth – perfect for curries, tagines and all of your favourite recipes.

Male Goat Diced ON the bone is also one of our rarest products, only in stock once or twice a year and usually pre-ordered.

For a limited time, with limited stock available it is now available to oder online.

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Goat Chops £8.50

Marinate our well marbled goat chops and oven roast, “low and slow” for a mouth-watering treat!

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Offally Tasty Pack £3.99

Including the heart and liver from one goat, this tasty pack is just that! 

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