Mutton Vs Goat Challenge

A juicy and well flavoured alternative to Lamb / Goat

Our Mutton is reared in Cheshire; grass-fed and full of flavour! Available to order online.

Pictured above is a traditional Half Mutton Box, delivered directly from our butcher’s block to your door, before Midday the next day.

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Mutton is full of fat (as we know, fat is the primary carrier of flavour in meat). Consequently, Mutton has a broad, rollicking, rolling, ripping, roistering flavour. It has texture and heft. Mutton is mighty; mighty good, mighty delicious, mighty mighty.

— Matthew Fort (Food Critic & Journalist)

Mutton Vs Goat Challenge

Pick and choose your favourite option for each cut of Mutton. Decide for Leg, Shoulder, Loin and Breast.

Easy to order & Easy to cook.

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Mutton Diced

We have fresh, Cheshire reared, grass-fed Mutton available online.

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I used to make my favourite biryani recipe using lamb. It was excellent, but the flavour of the meat didn’t stand up to the assertive seasoning. Mutton is a different story, it has real flavour: not massively strong, but quietly confident. It holds its own against some pretty powerful tastes.

— Stevie Parle (British chef, restaurateur and food writer)