Our Award wining sausages hand made sausages in our butchery. Made from Cheshire pork. We expertly make your sausages fresh to order.

Our Head sausage maker David Roberts is passionate about his job, he thrives on entering competitions and above all winning them!

Our Traditional pork sausages are award winning, made using the finest shoulder of pork. Great for a breakfasst sausage.

Caramelised onion are our guest sausage this month

Honey and mustard adds a little warmth to the flavour.

Red wine and Garlic for a French Twist

Pork and Chorizo for a Spanish feel

Pork and apple for those of you who like a sweeter sausage

Hog roast is apple and carmelised onion

Welsh Dragon is chilli and leek

Alternative sausages that we make have won us many awards:
Traditional goat,
Award wining Red wine and garlic goat
and Award winning Wild boar or venison sausages.

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