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Wholemeal Flour. Perfect for making wholemeal bread, pasta, pastry and much more.

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Stone ground flour has many benefits* over conventionally-milled flour. The goodness from the wheat is preserved in stone-ground flour, because it has not reached the high temperatures that are used in other milling processes and which kill off the natural goodness in the wheat. It’s therefore nutritionally better for your body – and some think tastier!

The flour produced at Walk Mill all originates from the wheat grown in the fields surrounding the mill – an English variety of milling wheat called ‘Hereward’ – so that’s zero food miles. Healthy, tasty and good for the environment too!

We slowly stone grind the whole grains to produce flour in order to minimize oxidation and preserve all nutrients in the grain. The Walk Mill flour is then sifted to produce different grades:


Walk Mill FlourThis contains the entire stone-ground product, including all the bran, making great-tasting bread full of natural flavours.


By sifting the wholemeal flour and removing the bran, white flour is produced. It’s not truly white, more of a creamy colour, as it is unbleached flour. Again, this produces excellent bread, cakes and pastry.


This produces a granary type bread, but is also excellent for making fruit crumbles. The malted flour is essentially white flour with a little malted extract and malted flakes added.

No matter which grade you choose, all our flour is suitable for all uses: from bread making, to pastry and cakes.

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