Roasting Joints are available to pre-order NOW, Easter delivery guaranteed…

Fill your basket with your favourite meats and mention your preferred date of delivery at checkout ​(16th to 18th April suggested) – we will organise the rest for you. Avoid the Easter price spike today!

Whole Lamb Leg (approx 2 Kg)

A traditional roasting joint for a traditional family meal. Lamb and Easter go hand in hand.

For easier carving, choose a boned and rolled joint?

Whole Kid Goat Leg (approx 2Kg)

A more delicate and sophisticated option than Lamb – leaner and more tender. A subtle taste of goat, braise for best results.

Why not try something new this Easter?

Beef Sirloin Joint (choose your size)

A premium cut of Beef to really impress your guests. Our 4 week aged Cheshire Beef will melt in your mouth, a proper Easter treat!

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Gammon Joint (choose your size)

Another Easter favourite. Cured using our special home recipe – we are famous locally for our excellent cured meats.

Go for a Treacle Gammon if you like a sweet twist!