Burgers and Sausages

Our Award wining sausages  are hand made in our butchery. Made from Cheshire pork. We expertly make your sausages fresh to order.

Our Processing supervisor Maile is passionate about her job, she thrives on using good quality ingredients.  This is our Award winning sausage recipe which we are proud of. We serve this  exact sausage in our cafe.  We also make goat sausages, venison sausages and Wild boar sausages. We use hog skins for the game sausages and collagen sausages for the pork and goat sausages.

Our Traditional pork sausages are award winning, made using the finest shoulder of pork. Great for a breakfast sausage.

Alternative sausages that we make have won us many awards:
Traditional goat,
Award wining Red wine and garlic goat
and Award winning Wild boar or venison sausages.

Our goat burgers are made from the diced goat and are very meaty. We combine the minced goat with either gluten free burger seasoning or seasoning with rusk to make our fantastic quarter pounders.

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