Butchery services for your LAMBS, PIGS or BEEF Cattle

We specialise in butchering your animals to your own specification. We collect your animal from our local, family-run abattoir, E&T Jackson and Sons in Tabley, Knutsford – just off Junction 19 of the M6. We then hang it in our chiller for the required amount of time, up to 3 weeks for a Beef animal. We then butcher the carcase according to your specification, vacuum pack and label it with your farm name and prices.


Price subject to specification: Approx £35 per Lamb


£65 minimum charge. £1 per Kg over 65Kg

Example: 72Kg Deadweight = £72


We charge  £1.10 per kgper deadweight

Example: 205kg Deadweight = £225.50

We charge £3.08 for making burgers or sausages these are tray wrapped. For burgers  or sausages in bags we charge £2.80 per kg


We are nationally recognised for our Bacon & Sausage products – feel free to give us a call to discuss the different processing options we offer inlcuding Sausages flavours, packaging types and prices. We are happy to help to develop your products and grow your business too.

Why trust a second-rate butcher when you can come to the best in the North West.