Butcher’s Shop & Cafe

Welcome to our Café


Welcome to Chestnut Meats Cafe. Establised in 2018 and opened to provide a space to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and to sample our meats cooked for you in our own cafe. We serve probably the best bacon bap in Cheshire, curing the bacon on site and have won multiple awards for our bacon, both the dry cured and the treacle.


Our cooked breakfasts are amazing. Using our bacon and traditional sausages, that you can see our butchers making, local free range eggs and Chatwins bread.  To try something different why not try our steak sandwich ?  Or our curry goat?


We use Barista Blend coffee from local firm Coffee Advocates. A blend of  Brazil Santos arabica beans Vietnamese Robusta beans and  a hint of Ethiopian Sidamo beans. A complex blend with sweet notes of roasted hazelnuts, dark Cocoa and tobacco to create a creamy mouthfeel with subtitle woodiness. Quite simply a wonderful cup of coffee.


Come, sit and watch the world go by 🙂


  • If ringing up for a telephone order please tells us about any ALLERGIES

  • You can ring up for a takeaway order if you wish to collect. PLEASE CALL US ON  01270 524750



All day Breakfast : 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, egg, hashbrown, beans, tomatoes and toast £8.95

Breakfast in a bun: 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, egg, hashbrown and black pudding in a buttered bun £6.95

Bacon Bap: 2 sliced of our bacon and a Chatwins barm cake £3.95

Sausage Bap : 2 traditional sausages and a Chatwins barm cake £3.95:

Vegetarian or vegan sausages in a bun £3.95

Toasted tea cake; £3.95

Eggs on toast  (poached  or scrambled ) £4.95

Steak sandwich:  our rump steak infused with garlic and pepper corn served with salad and crisps £9.95

Cold sandwiches: Cheese and pickle, tuna mayo, Prawn mayo, bacon and brie, BLT, served with crips and garnish  £4.95

Hot sandwich sausage and cheese and Chutney £5.95

Soup and a roll £4.95 or add a  cheese toastie £6.95

Cheese toasty melted Mature cheddar with chutney, crisps and salad £5.95

Curry goat with couscous £9.95

Burger of the day  with garnish and crisps £5.95 ( Beef or goat)

Omelette with cheese and mushroom or tomato and green leaves £6.95

Warmed pastie £4.00

Cakes Eat in :£3.50 Takeaway £2.00




Professional Knife sharpening