Kid Goat taster pack 3kgs- Shoulder 2kgs/500g chops/500g mince


Delicious roasted low and slow for the whole family to enjoy. Shoulder joint – not diced on the bone.

Plus 500g kid goat chops and 500g kid mince

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Our kid goat shoulders make a delicious joint when you braise them low and slow. Try cooking the kid goat shoulder in red wine or stock for a really special roast. Kid goat goes really well with sweet flavours such as dates and prunes. Try this Pulled Kid Goat Shoulder with Sticky Pomegranate Glaze recipe for something a bit different.

kid chops are versatile from grilling on a BBQ  to cooking in the oven.  Add your own glaze or sauce depending on your taste.  Or simply drizzle with garlic and olive oil.

Kid mince  is light  and very tasty, and can be used in cooking for bolognese, chilli, meatballs,  moussaka etc.

Our Kid Goat meat is all British reared. Kid Goat is the premium Goat meat product, it is the youngest and leanest that we can offer. Younger than 12 months, these kids are by-products of the dairy industry and  support sustainable British farming, which helps to reduce waste and increase animal welfare.

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