Bish Bash Posh Sausage Cassoulet Mix


Select this spiffing sausage sauce mix for something a little fancy this week. Gluten Free!

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Gordon Rhodes – Bish Bash Posh Sausage Cassoulet Sauce Mix

Gordon Rhodes’ richly flavoured Sausage Casserole Recipe Sauce Mix with sweet red paprika and herbs. Slow cooked for a fuller flavour, it’s the hassle free way to create a better class of dish with a richer, deeper taste.

Packed full of carefully selected herbs and spices, this splendid sauce mix is the easy way to create a gourmet sausage cassoulet from the comfort of your own mansion! All you have to do is simply add your meat (choose from Venison, Wild Boar, Pork, Goat, Kid Goat and more!), vegetables & water and let the slow cooker do the rest.

Ingredients: Cornflour, Dried Onion, Paprika (10%), Dried Garlic, Dried Tomato, Colour Plain Caramel, Natural Flavouring, Salt, Black Pepper, Yeast Extract, Bay, Sage, Rosemary.

Weight: 75g

Serves 4 

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