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Haughton Honey, 100% British Wild flower Honey – locally sourced and locally produced. 

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Haughton Honey was started by an English bee farmer who thought that honey had become a bit boring and unexciting. By bringing together other bee farmers and working together, he set about trying to make it fun again.

We were born out of a nation’s growing appetite for pure, natural foods and honey is the food that we love and live for.

As you can see, it’s a family affair – we believe in what we do and think that it’s a worthwhile way to spend our time. We also believe that bee farming works with nature and that what we take out we should try and put back through our partnerships and education.

The Boss – Cris
Worker Bees – The Family

Freya caught sleeping on the job!

We’re committed to great, personal customer service too (apart from Freya).

But hey, if you don’t think that you like honey then don’t fret. We’re sure that when you try some real honey (not the overly-sweet, pasteurised and usually imported squeezy stuff that you see all over the place) then you’ll change your mind. And anyway, just by being here you’re helping us spread our sticky word.

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