Spanish Goat (HALAL) Diced ON the Bone BULK BUY Frozen


15 x 1Kg Spanish Goat Diced ON the bone, full of flavour and brilliant for traditional “Caribbean style” recipes

Shelf Life Guidance & Packaging:

Frozen product. Vacuum packed. 2 years frozen shelf life


Serving Guidance:

1Kg serves 3-4 people

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Spanish Goat Diced ON the bone contains a mixture of Shoulder, Loin, Neck, Shank and Breast as a result it is full of flavour. ON the bone is the authentic way of cooking goat meat, it provides a greater depth of flavour as well as cooking slightly quicker.

Spanish Goat Diced ON the bone is great for casseroles, stews and curries. We recommend you cook the meat low and slow for the best results.Why not try our Jamaican Curry goat recipe?

Because we import from this product from Spain the meat is already frozen. It is therefore only available in a bulk purchase of 15kg, pre cut in 1.5 inch size pieces.

Please note, the factory  uses a bandsaw to dice the  meat,   so on occasion there may be small shards of bone. Please be aware of this when cooking and serving your dish.

This product is a frozen product with 2 years freezer life. These Goats free roam the mountains of Spain, a true free range product which is certified to BRC standards with FULL TRACEABILITY. This product is suitable for Halal customers. PLEASE NOTE NO REFUNDS ON THIS GOAT AS IT IS PRODUCED IN SPAIN.  IT IS BASIC QUALITY AND MAY CONTAIN MORE FAT |THAN OUR PRODUCT

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