Free Range Bronze Turkey – Deposit


£30 deposit (see below for more details)

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These free range bronze turkeys are bred for good old fashioned flavour and texture. They are traditionally reared, free range and fed on home-grown wheat and a corn ratio with no additives or growth promoters. Each bird is dry plucked and then hung in a chilled environment for 7-10 days to develop the best flavour. The result is a delicious succulent and moist bird – a real festive offering! Cooking instructions are included.

How it works:

1. Select your desired weight from the drop down box above.

2. Pay a £30 deposit on-line

3. If ordering for delivery we’ll contact you for your card details and put payment through for the balance when we know the exact weight of your turkey .

4. If ordering for collection from farm – you pay the balance on the exact weight when you collect. (Please do not select cash on delivery please proceed to the payment page to pay the deposit)


Turkey Size Guide

A simple size guide for our Free Range Bronze Turkey. (£5.15 per Lb or £11.35 per Kg)
GuestsWeight in LbWeight in KgApprox Price
2 - 4 guestsSee Turkey CrownSee Turkey CrownSee Turkey Crown
4 - 6 guests11 - 12 Lb5.44 Kg£61.50
6 - 8 guests12 - 13 Lb5.90 Kg£67
8 - 10 guests13 - 14 Lb6.35 Kg£72
10 - 12 guests14 - 15 Lb6.80 Kg£77
12 - 14 guests15 - 16 Lb7.26 Kg£82.50
14 - 16 guests16 - 17 Lb7.71 Kg£87.50
16+ guests17 Lb +8.16 Kg +£90 +

Additional information

Weight6.5 kg