Goat Leg Diced ON the Bone


Goat Leg Diced ON the bone is the leanest tastiest cut of adult goat. The best cut for caribbean curries, stews and casseroles. Cut just for you.

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Adult goat leg is the whole leg diced on the bone this includes the top part of the leg and the meaty middle and the shank.  You will get the single bone that runs through the leg and the top part of the leg joint as well.

Adult goat leg diced on the bone is one of the leanest and tastiest cuts of goat meat. It is full of flavour and therefore brilliant for traditional Caribbean style curries, stews and casseroles. A 1kg bag of goat leg diced on the bone will serve approx 4-5 people. However it does depend how hungry you are and what else you put into the dish! We recommend trying our famous Jamaican Curried Goat recipe We butcher to your required size, one, two or three inch pieces and we pack it in 1kg bags. Every order is cut just for you, to your requirements by our team of highly trained butchers. All this goat is BRITISH born and reared, we collect the animals from farms we trust, in our own lorry, and personally ensure the quality of the meat we supply. ஆட்டுக்கறி

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